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2019-11-15 04:05:46

{"title":"What is Dharma? Hint: It's not religion. - Gyaan Seeko","alias":"what-is-dharma-hint-it-s-not-religion-gyaan-seeko-1573790539342-TocDZ6U4NR","url":"","canonicals":["","",""],"description":"What is Dharma? We all confuse it with religion.Spoiler alert! it's not religion. We all know about it but how much do we actually know it? Find out.","content":"

In very general sense, anyone who is not able to keep up with his/her Dharma (whatever defines them) can be said as an Adharmi. 

My Dharma.

Everyone has the right to decide, what defines them. Something defining you doesn’t necessarily define me. Don’t let someone define you. As a similarly unique individual, my Dharma is being kind to others and being truthful to myself. These two things define me as a person. If in any situation am not able to do any of these two, I am not the same person. I have lost the essence of my existence.

My beliefs may change depending on the situation, my duties keep on changing depending on the people I am around but my Dharma is always intact. I am always kind to others and always speaking truth to myself ( not always to others though
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